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The expertise gathered by Pacer in the consulting and planning area enabled the company offering specific solutions to its customers’ needs. Considering the specific characteristics of operational and fiscal processes case by case, Pacer customizes its services, meeting the demands presented accurately.

With customized solutions as brand, Pacer Logística is consolidated on the market, with the acknowledgement of the customers and enabling the expansion of its activity area to the North, Northeast and Midwest regions, in addition to the Southeast.


Logistics Operation in Shared Storehouses

Granting of room for storing materials through main and sattelital hubs.

This service enables outsourcing the Storage, Acceptance, Separation/Segregation of materials, Stocks Control, Shipping, in addition to the customers’ kits assembly.

The operation consists in:

1) Receiving, directly from the customers’ suppliers, the equipment and tools for the use in its plants;

2) After the acceptance, the serial numbers are inserted in the Pacer system and the items are separated;

3) The kits are assembled for the field technicians or for the partners, according to the customers’ demand;

4) Pacer transfers or distributes the materials to the customers’ field team, or to a Pacer hub, from where it could be taken.

In this model the room and operations are shared among customers, i.e., they have segregated rooms, inside Pacer hangars, but they share the activities authorized to be shared, so as to reduce costs.

Distribution Logistics

Very similar to the Shared Hubs service, the Distribution logistics deserves to stand out as it is one of the operations most requested.

This is a very useful service for car parts companies, as Grupo Itavema, which has Pacer make the daily distribution to the workshops. The material is collected at night throughout the network and taken to the hangar, where the routes are consolidated. The distribution is made on the following day, by the vehicles required (utilitarian, urban delivery vehicles, trucks etc).

This process reduced Grupo Itavema expenses with dedicated vehicles – the model the company used to employ – in 20%.

  • Physical and Fiscal Acceptance of Goods
  • Stock Management and Control
  • Storage Services
  • Cross-Docking
  • Inventories
  • Transfer of Products among Distribution Centers
  • Packaging, Labeling, Kits Assembly and other Related Services
  • Printing of Customers’ Invoices and Reverse Logistics
  • Logistic Projects, acting in the Fiscal Solution of the Customer’s Operation

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